Stormy Hollow

where fire and ice collide

Vengeful Hera


Hera Mills, 42, the Alliance’s leader

Hera Mills was one of those witches who started the last Wizarding War, which led to her and her friends’ families being banished from Stormy Hollow.

But what they don’t know is that she took the other half of the Divine Necklace.

And with the curse she uttered 16 years ago, a war is about to begin again.

And no one is going to stop her now.


Reckless Russ


Russ Mayer, 24, one of the Coven’s leaders

Russ has always been the mysterious, artistic, beetle-driving member of the Coven.

He’s always willing to help, but his pain is evident.

Because he never got over her;

and she never got over him either.

Adam and his woes


Adam Rivers, 24, one of the Coven’s leaders

Power: Wind/ Non-Verbal Magic

A gifted and powerful witch, Adam is doing everything to keep the Coven safe.

He’s always loved Cassandra, but somehow, he feels like his love has never been enough.

Menacing Mary


Mary Draconi, 17, loyal member of the Alliance

Power: Shapeshifting

Mary harbors a lot of ill feelings against the Coven, because her family has been banished from Stormy Hollow because of the last Wizarding War.

As a shapeshifter, she works with Hera Miller to make sure that the Alliance would be able to come back to Stormy Hollow–for good.

Mysterious Luna


Luna Miller, 16, Hera Miller’s daughter, and reluctant member of the alliance.

Power: Clairvoyance/ Non-Verbal Magic

As Hera Miller’s only daughter, Luna has the other half of the Divine Necklace, and is supposed to protect it for the alliance.

But deep in her heart, she knows this isn’t something she wants to do.

And she’s bound to ford her own path.

Complex Cassandra


Cassandra Hazel, 23, the eldest of the three Hazel sisters, Diana Hazel’s descendant.

After losing her parents at an early age, Cassandra took the role of being her twin sisters’ second mother.

As one of the Coven’s leaders, her priority is the safety of the Coven–and over the years, she has sacrificed lots of things for it–including her own happiness.

Altruistic Achelois


Achelois Hazel, 16, Alexandra’s twin, and youngest descendant of Diana Hazel

Power: Healing

Shy, quiet, and kind, Achelois has always been the nicer sister. She’s bound to protect her family, but is often having problems with her powers. She’s still trying to figure herself out.

Conflicted Dylan


Dylan Miller, 16, the eldest son of Hera Miller, the alliance’s leader

Power: Fire

Set to follow the footsteps of his mother, and bring the alliance back to Stormy Hollow, Dylan plans to ruin Alexandra Hazel’s life.

Little did he know that he would fall for her–but their worlds could still not come together.

All about Alexandra

pizap.com14400214592341Alexandra Hazel, 16, descendant of Diana Hazel

Power: Ice

Alexandra is her school’s Queen Bee. Driven, edgy, smart, she thinks she already has everything…until her tryst with Dylan Miller, son of the infamous Hera Miller, changes her life in more ways than one.

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