Stormy Hollow, Georgia.

A land filled with willow trees, trellises, and flowers of every kind. Beautiful. Enchanting.
But never what you imagine it to be.
For in Stormy Hallow, witches lives. Witches, who are the descendants of the survivors of the Salem Trial who decided to build their own community and call it Stormy Hollow. They kept it protected from the outside world, but not to their own breed.

The Divine Necklace

Centuries ago, a war ensued over the original batch of witches that prompted them to be divided into two: the coven, and the alliance.
The alliance had the Divine Necklace to protect them—the necklace that’s considered as the most powerful thing in the wizarding world.


Sixteen years ago, members of the coven, and the alliance, had an argument that led to the worst fight they had in years, killing members of the coven, including the Hazels—leaders of the coven, and prompting the survivors to cast a spell on members of the alliance, saying that they’ll never be allowed in Stormy Hollow again.
But Hera Miller, leader of the alliance, cast a curse, saying that by the time the last witches turn sixteen, a new war would ensue. She also took half of the divine necklace with her, without the coven’s knowledge.


Alexandra and Achelois Hazel have finally turned sixteen.
But little did they know that their celebration wouldn’t really be a celebration, but a sign of things to come.
For their birthday marks the new wizarding war.
And nothing is going to stop the alliance now.